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Business Owners Why Shed

Business Owners Why Shed!

It’s the Law! 

Safe guarding the privacy of your clients, patients or employee’s medical, financial and other personal information is your responsibility.  It’s critically important to meet the stringent requirements of HIPAA, GLB and other government privacy regulations. You or an employee invader could violate these regulations.

If this happens your business could be severely fined up to $25,000 for each incident.

All it takes is one complaint or one routine visit by a presiding government agency.  If there are any discrepancies about how you dispose of documents containing confidential information you could be in trouble.

Here are some recent "horror" stories direct from actual court cases.

•  On June 30,2005, the OCC fined First horizon Home Loan Corp. Of Irving Texas, $180,000 for failure to properly secure customers nonpublic personal information.

•  Choice Point, a data management company, had a massive security breach in which a lot of personal information was incidentally sold by the company to an apparent group of Criminals.  They used that information to perpetrate identity theft.  Choice point has agreed to a $15,000,000 fine, $10 million to the FTC, and $5 million to a fund to repay victims.

Do It Yourself DIY Shredding® and Save!

DIY Shredding® is an easy cost effective way to shed all your important documents.  We charge by the box not by the weight, so no need to guess or have to weigh each box being destroyed.  
You can bring in the materials to be shredded or we can conveniently stop by your business to pick them up and destroy them at our extremely secured building which has over 50 video cameras on and around the facility.

Certificate of destruction:  We can issue you a certificate of destruction.  You need to inventory your documents, example:  Medical records A thru Z 2005 aud attached the certificate to your inventory list.

DIY Shredding®!  We Make shredding Easy!  We make document destruction easy and help companies protect themselves and the clients against threats of information theft, fraud and regulatory liability.

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We Make It Easy To Shred!

Paper, CD's, Paper Clips, Staples, Credit cards

Our easy to use industrial size security level 3 shredder has an enclosed conveyer belt feed system.

You simply toss your documents onto the conveyer belt (about 1/2" at a time) it conveys the documents into the shredder.

* The US Federal Trade Commission estimates that 9 million cases of identity theft takes place a year.

*Security experts recommend shredding bills, tax documents, credit cards and bank statements, which could be used for identity theft.